Friday, November 11, 2011

On my Mind.


So I've recently discovered a fabulous blog called Down to Earth, and I've been spending a bit of time reading through the old posts there. Rhonda writes about living a simple life... and shares many tutorials and recipes. I think some of you might enjoy her blog as much as I do!

And on Fridays, Rhonda shares what is on her mind... and encourages her readers to do the same. So I thought that I might join in.

Today I'm thinking about this little green dress which was passed on to us for Charlotte. There's a couple of stains on it but other than that it's still in good condition. So I'm thinking about what I might do with it.

I've already tried to remove the stains - it ain't gonna happen...

So I'm thinking about some strategically placed applique. I have a little bit of iron-on interfacing, and many many fabric scraps which I could put to use here.

Have to say, those stains look way worse in real life than they do in this photo... but you'll see a couple above the pocket and one to the left of it:


1 comment:

Unknown said...

How about some flowers growing out of the pocket?

I've been reading your blog on and off for a few years...I love your crafts!