Friday, November 4, 2011

Is He Finished Yet?

So I had a query yesterday about Prince Charming... and where the finished photos were

(waving hello to Guanaja Sharon)

Well, I have to confess that the reason you haven't seen those photos yet - is because he is NOT finished!

Actually, I haven't really spent much time on this project at all since our last update... all I have to share is these arms:


But I'll spend a bit of time on him over the next few days, and be back with more photos on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend...

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Guanaja Sharon said...

Glad to see he has not been delegated to a basket or closet and forgotten about! I wish I could knit - well, I tried it when I was really young but got so frustrated when I would drop a stitch and it would take forever to pick it up that I just gave up. Love crocheting and have been doing it for a very long time!!!!
Love seeing your projects and I'm really tempted to do some of the free form stuff. My problem is that I live on an island with no roads and no access to craft stuff - I MEAN NONE! TOTALLY frustrating.
I am so jealous of all the wonderful little scraps you have, even your recycled stuff as I have nothing to recycle except for some plastic bags and I try not to get them at the store because, well, island surrounded by sea - not a good thing for unnecessary garbage!