Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I decided to check out the local Op Shops (charity stores) to see if I had left my mojo there!

Well... I didn't find it... surprise, surprise...

but I did find some other treasures to recycle:

colourful beads

Don't these colourful wooden beads look like SMARTIES on a string??? I thought they were totally adorable. The colours were so bright and cheery and delicious looking... they made me smile... so I decided immediately that I had to have them...

blue brown beads

But when I tried to take then down from the rack at the store, I couldn't get them untangled from some of the other necklaces. After a few moments of total frustration, I realised that the three sets of beads has been bundled together for sale... so I also scored these two sets.

other beads

then I found this crocheted top in hot pink wool

hand crocheted hot pink jumper

this hand made purple wool vest with magnificent rose buttons on it... yes... I know it doesn't look purple, but it is!

handknit purple wool vest with rose buttons

this light ash coloured top... some kind of blend... very soft to the touch

unknown light ash jumper

this hairy hand knitted neutral jumper

handknit hairy neutral jumper

this variegated brown top, in an acrylic/wool/polyester blend... the texture of the yarn may make it difficult to unravel, but I loved the yarn, so I wanted to give it a go

variegated brown jumper - acrylic wool polyester

this hand knit maroon wool jumper, with giant buttons... they're a pearly type of finish, not exactly sure what you'd call them... but I can see them becoming enormous eyes on a creature at some stage later in their life


don't tell anyone, but that sounded like the slightest hint of inspiration... my MOJO is around here SOMEWHERE!

handknit burgundy wool jumper with large buttons

and finally, this hand made navy vest

handknit navy vest

that will keep me busy for a while...

(even if I did feel like a bit of a fruit cake... buying a mass of winter jumpers in the sweltering heat today!)


Robbie said...

Never let the weather get in the way of a good bargain!!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and its good to see you back!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blog land!!! Good to see you back. I too had a mojo slump and it is just starting to return now. I love those wooden beads and boy did you get some good jumpers to frog.

Beth said...

I'm feeling overheated just thinking about wool.
But I'm glad you found some bargains.

Sam said...

Add them to your pile, lol.

So, what kind of things do you use the beads for, apart from necklaces?

Our charity shops are very naughty. They keep putting stuff in their back rooms. Back in November, all their sheets/duvets/tablecloths disappeared, and have only just reappeared. And come the spring, the jumpers will vanish too. *shriek*

LisaB said...

Oh no! Don't tell me this is true! Will my Goodwill and Savers here in SF get rid of the sweaters I so happily paw through now? I must go out THIS WEEK (I messed up and didn't go out today) to find a bunch more to keep me busy!

nollyposh said...

Hee! Hee! Oh so very yummy! (and wOw you're game i'm tOO scared to go out in that heat argghhhhh!)tOO hot for to op for mE! X;-)

Judith said...

Where have you been? I have really missed you, I do enjoy your blog so much. Pleased to have you back and don't worry, you will be your old self again soon. I miss the charity shops that I went to in England, but at the moment we are having some bazaars. Its great therapy.

Susan Echaore-McDavid said...

oh boy! I am now inspired to head down to the thrift store first chance I get. Thanks! And thanks for showing how to unravel stuff for yarn. Whoo-hoo!

laughing purple goldfish said...

robbie - you have to seize the moment, don't you? those bargains won't be there the next time you look

jacqui - thanks... I've been loving your care bears, they are too gorgeous for words

beth - oooohhhh yeah!

sam - you do know that I will NEVER get to the bottom of the pile, don't you??? not sure what I'll use the beads on yet... a bag, a scarf, a wall hanging, a hippie curtain, or something else...

lisab - around here our larger stores such a savers tend to carry stock year round regardless of the season, but some of the smaller stores only put out "current season" stock... good luck :)

nollyposh - I hit the op shops early this time... before it got too hot :)

judith - I had a wonderful break... but I missed chatting to you all! glad to be back

susan - you're welcome... give it a go and see how it works out for you... then pop back and let us all know :) thanks for stopping by!