Monday, July 20, 2009

sissy pooh

katie - front view

pattern used -
  • The Sissy Pooh by Lisa Gentry
  • pattern available for sale - click here for details
yarn used -
  • 8 ply/DK recycled wool
hook size -
  • 4.5mm bamboo hook
comments -
  • the pattern is designed to make a summery cotton dress... but since we are in the thick of winter here... I made a much warmer version, using wool... which can be worn over a long-sleeved top and pants
  • I made the largest size, but it is should probably have made the next size down
  • would love to make a summer version, too
  • made a huge mistake with this dress... I MADE IT BLUE!!!!!
  • Little Miss Five has been refusing to wear it... because I really don't prefer that colour mummy... I only like pink!
  • I've added a felted heart, to show her it really IS a girl's dress, despite the fact that it is blue!
  • she is still not convinced... check out the sulking in the photo
  • the bandana she is wearing, is this one here


Sam said...

Such a shame, because I think it looks really good, even in blue, on a girl ;-)

Perhaps you could weave pink ribbons through, or embroider the whole thing with pink chain stitch ;-)

laughing purple goldfish said...

I think I'm just going to pack it away until next winter... and hope she has grown out of the PINK thing by then! worth a try, anyway