Thursday, July 8, 2010

useful... but a bit too plain!


Look at what my friend Dawnie bought for me.


Isn't she a treasure???

This is the best hook storage system that I have ever used.


Four zippered pockets.... which are just the right size.

Pocket 1 contains bits and pieces - wool needles, scissors, gauge ruler, tape measure, etc.

Pocket 2 contains my 3mm and 4mm hooks

Pocket 3 contains the 5mm and 6mm hooks

Pocket 4 contains my less frequently used hooks. There's two bundles... one is all the hooks smaller than a size 3, and the other is all the hooks from 7mm and up.

Best of all, it's totally portable - so I can take my hooks anywhere I go. Too convenient!


Only problem... it's a little bit boring.

(but I can fix that)

And by boring, I mean to say... it is a SINGLE colour!

Now it's a wonderful colour... my favourite, in fact... but still, I'm feeling the need to jazz it up a little. I'm thinking along the lines of freeform embroidery.

I could add a few stitches here and there, as it takes my fancy. It wouldn't be a project which I rush to get finished... but more of a 'work in progress' which I keep adding to as the months and years go by.

Then it will really be MINE!

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Kyliie said...

Haha I love it! I just keep mine in a jar :)