Friday, October 14, 2011

Fairytale Challenge


Yes, I know that I haven't finished the Freeform Hat yet... or the Lacy Flower Runner... or the Space Theme Challenge... or the Stained Glass Challenge...


I've started on something new anyway (how unlike me)

This one is a Fairytale Challenge in the Design Along Group on Ravelry.

Basically you look to the mood board here for inspiration. Based on that you design an original piece, write up the pattern, and have it available on Ravelry by November 25th.

Can you do it? Of course you can!

Are you in???

I've chosen this little guy from the mood boards for my inspiration:


Julie said...

Hello. I can not see the "LITTLE GUY"! for your inspiration. Sorry!
Perhaps next time. Wishing all the very best from:England

huana said...

I can see! Two years ago I made four puppets from this story (Frog,Prinz,Princess and Witch),now I,m curious how will you make them!

xlpharmacy said...

I just love your work, some of the items are just too good. Thanks for sharing.