Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finished My First Freeform Piece


Gosh I've been pathetic at blogging over this past year!

About twelve months ago I attended an all day Freeform workshop hosted by Prudence Mapstone. I'd been dabbling with a bit of freeform knitting and crochet on my own, but when I heard that THE MASTER was going to be in town, there was no way I could miss that!


So my dear friend Dawnie-Pants and I booked ourselves in at the earliest opportunity...

We equipped ourselves with a range of different sized hooks and needles, and lots and lots of different yarns. Excitement overload hit me... I felt like absolute rubbish by the time the day rolled around.. and I thought I was ill with nerves. With hindsight I can state that it was NOT nerves, but indeed the onset of Morning Sickness which had me feeling so unwell!!!


Despite the Morning Sickness, I had a fabulous day. Prudence herself was not at all the person I was expecting. I think that because her work is so bold and outspoken, that I expected her personality to be the same... but the opposite is true. Prudence is a tiny woman, with a quiet demeanour and a palpable serenity about her. Like a really delicate flower. And an excellent teacher, did I mention that? If you ever have the opportunity to learn from her DO NOT PASS IT UP.

Really, I can't believe that I didn't blog about this at the time!


The workshop was brilliant and I came home from it so inspired...

But it still took me a whole year to finish the piece I started there!


And here it is: My First Freeform Bag

from the front


and the back
(or vice versa)


The only reason I didn't finish it much earlier is because I lost motivation when it came to the lining and the handles. I didn't really know what I was going to do regarding them, and was kind of avoiding making a decision! I'm very good at that.

Enter my good friend Maree, who not only guided me into making a decision... but also sewed the lining and handles for me. Now I have a useful bag! Thanks Maree.

Freeform is amazingly fun and very addictive. If you're feeling like you'd be interested in giving it a go, then you should take a look at this guide from Prudence for getting started. I can't seem to get a direct link, so you'll need to click and enter her site, and then select the "what is freeform" option.

But be careful - I'm serious when I say it is HIGHLY addictive - you have been warned.


kate said...

That bag is GORGEOUS!! I *LO*V*E* the way it has turned out - off to check out her link, and I was just looking for something new to try, this just might be what I am after :)

Siga said...

The bag is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Val E said...

Sharon, what a lovely piece of artwork - the colours and textures compliment each other and the design is (IMHO) inspired. I can imagine starting such a project and working through it until...........you reach a stage where you don't know where to stop!! I'm the same about losing motivation, when all that's left is the 'finishing off' ... but you did it, that's what friends are for?????

maretta said...

congratulations on completing a really wonderous piece! so beautiful!

yes I agree with Val... my biggest challenge is knowing when to STOP and then after that.... having the motivation to finish... you have achieved it all... you should feel very proud

Anne said...

I love it! I wish I had one to tote around.