Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looking For A Challenge

I've been looking around for a new challenge lately. There's SO many projects here already that I could be working on, but none of them are inspiring me at the moment. So I've been hunting through some of the other groups on Ravelry to see what might stimulate my creativity.

One group I stumbled across is called Picto Create. It's not an overly active group, but there are a few regular posters.

The concept of the group is simple:

"Every Monday, a picture is posted. Using the picture as your inspiration - spin a yarn, knit or crochet a project to look like it, emulate or resemble it"

They're up to Week 171 and the challenge is Stained Glass, as pictured above. Looking through previous challenges, it would seem that most of the participants choose to spin the most amazing yarns using the colours in the photo for inspiration.

Of course, I won't be spinning!

I'm thinking about interpreting the Stained Glass in Freeform Knit and Crochet, though at this point I'm not sure if I'll be aiming for an accurate representation or something a bit more abstract. Maybe I'll focus on one part of the image, and zoom in on the flowers or the water...

If you've got ideas running through your head... don't just suggest them to me - come and join in the fun at Picto Create

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