Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Progress Report


Thought I'd take the photo outside today, to give you a more true indication of the colour - but it's still not right! Never mind.

Here's my progress on the Frog section of Prince Charming.

As you can see, the legs are seamed and stuffed. And so is the head.

The body is seamed, but won't need filled... because that's where the body/head of the Prince will be hiding when he's not on display. Make sense? You'll see...

So I'm thinking that the body might be a bit on the small side... but hoping that it just looks small becasue it isn't filled yet.

Later today I'll piece together the Prince, and see if I can get the whole Topsy Turvy thing happening properly.

I'm desperate to add features to my frog to give him some personality - but holding back until I'm sure that the basics are in good working order. It's hard though... the 'decorating' is the fun part!

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