Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Messy


So this is the back view of my Lacy Flower Runner.

Despite my good intentions, you can see that I haven't yet woven in any of those ends!

But I will - I promise... In fact I'm planning to darn them in at my next crochet meet.

Craft meets are a wonderful indulgence. I love to sit and craft away the day... surrounded by others who are blissfully doing the same thing!

It's fascinating to see what everyone else is working on. There's always new yarn to fondle and stitch patterns to admire. You can bounce around ideas and solicit help with tricky patterns or disobedient yarn.

Plus it's the ideal time for some of the more mindless tasks. That way you can chat with the others, and not worry about having to concentrate too much on your work.

So my ends will be darned in. Soon.


Colleen said...

This is gorgeous! I've tried several times to use thread but I just can't see it (senior eyes, I'm afraid :().

laughing purple goldfish said...


I don't use thread that often - because it takes SO long to complete a project, and I'm not usually that patient!

I do find that I have to work slowly with it though, when I speed up my tension goes out of whack - then none of my squares are the same size :(