Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finished Doily


Well, it's not really your traditional style of doily... but it certainly serves the same purpose.

And let's face it - I'm not exactly your TRADITIONAL kind of girl anyway!

As you can see, I have crocheted a variety of different sized granny squares: using a 1.0mm hook and leftover embroidery threads. The final round of each square was completed using a similar thickness of navy 'op shop' cotton. Once the squares were all joined, I worked a few rounds of single crochet (US) around the entire piece. Then finished it off with a simple running stitch embroidered border.


It was never my intention to create straight edges on this doily... although the whole piece did turn out a bit more 'square' than I was hoping for. If you were wanting to make one yourself with straight edges, then you'll just need to spend a little time on some math before you start - to work out the sizes and quantities needed of each granny square.


As for me, no real thought went into it! I just worked up some squares, then slapped them together... and I'm loving the result.



heklica said...

Oh, it's so cool! I love it!

Nic said...

That's LOVELY! Well done. I am a recent crocheter and think I might be able to manage something like this. Thanks for the inspiration. That running stitch at the edge is inspired!

Anne said...

It is totally charming and lovely! So wonderful to see you blogging again. I've missed reading what projects you've been making. :)

L said...

I like how it is so care free and colorful!

Deb said...

I love that it is asymmetrical and that you used up leftover threads - a modern doily for sure. And the daisies look striking against it.

AJ said...

This is fabulous and a great project for those of us who are finding ourselves stuck in boxes and straight lines and symmetry!! I have really enjoyed your blog! You do amazing work!
JrzyGrlKnitsInNC (ravelry)
aka AJ