Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent UFO


What do you do with an UnFinished Object (UFO) that you are never EVER going to finish?


Like one that has been hanging around in your craft cupboard since the 1980s?

Do you trash it?

Or donate it to the Op Shop?

Or tuck it back into the cupboard - JUST IN CASE you decide to finish it one day?


This one is an Advent Calendar made from felt.

It's a wall hanging - the Christmas Tree has buttons on it for the decorations, which hide in the pockets at the bottom... until it is their turn to hang on the tree.

Totally gorgeous, and the kids are excited about starting this tradition in our home.

But first I need to make it!


The project was started by my friend Adele, but she donated it to me after it has spent TOO MANY YEARS languishing in an unfinished state at her place.


Mind you, I think that Dellie has done most of the hard yards already. All of the pieces for each decoration have been cut from the felt, and placed in individual bags.

In fact, two of them have already been constructed.


Katie was very helpful, and has filed each little baggie in the order she would like me to make them.

Notice our stylish File Box?

We call it 'The Vaalia'... very IKEA, don't you think???


But before I get started on the decorations, I guess I should prepare the Tree!

The instructions for this part seem to have gone missing, so I'm just gonna 'wing it'


Stitching by hand, because I don't trust myself to get it right using the machine...

Plus I like the look of the contrasting embroidery:


I figure that if I can get the Tree done in the next day or two... then maybe a couple of decorations each day after that, we can 'kinda sorta' use it this year...

Or maybe NEXT YEAR!

Thanks Adele.

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Jacquie said...

Ooooooh it's going to be lovely , can't wait to see the finished project.....when ever that may be :0)
Jacquie x