Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All...


Just wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

May you all experience only the Good Things this Holiday Season!

You guys are all such a wonderful inspiration and encouragement to me… without you, I would just be “that crazy craft lady who can’t throw anything out”

but with your love and support, I am LAUGHING PURPLE GOLDFISH :)

I’ll be taking a weeny break over the next few weeks… taking the kiddies to the beach for a well deserved holiday! Unfortunately Mr Goldfish has to keep working, but we’ll do our best to enjoy the sun and surf without him…

Safe travels to everyone here xx

And see you back here again for more QUIRKY CRAFTING in 2012


P.S. Here's a quick peek at a couple of the gifties I've finished in the last 24 hours...

The Blooming Flower Cushion is done:


And I made my First Ever Fabric Softy... a Unicorn for my New Niece:



Anonymous said...

I love the unicorn! :) Have a wonderful Christmas.

Twigwoman said...

Sending Love Light and Laughter to you and yours at Christmas.... May the year ahead be Merry , Bright and filled with things that simply delight!!
Enjoy your holiday at the beach.
Lyn~ xoxox

psmflowerlady said...

Have a lovely break. Wishing you and yours happiness, health and joy!

Kathleen said...

Have a wonderful holiday season! I adore your finished gifts---the blooming cushion is so many layers of gorgeous, and the unicorn is perfect---such unexpected colours and patterns, and really nicely made! (Much better than my First Fabric Plush, which I made earlier this year. I've mostly been sticking to crocheting since!)

Canne said...

love that flower cushion it is fab!