Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soon to be Finished

Another batch of ornaments to share with you today:

Tammy commented yesterday that she loved the googly eyes... so I'll start out with this little mouse:


This is supposed to be a Church... but in my opinion it actually looks more like a house...


A drum:


I'm guessing that this guy is Rudolph, complete with googlies, just for you Tammy...


We have a candle:


And a dove:


That's 15 decorations down.. and only NINE to go!


becktovintage said...

so beautiful christmas ornaments. Very cute.. I like all. Best wishes..

psmflowerlady said...

Adorable all! I admire your patience, they look incredibly fiddly to make but you've done a lovely job - the mouse is adorable (again, great use of googley eyes) and I keep going back and looking at that adorable candle.

Kristy said...

So cute! I love them all.

Te Araroa said...

We have the same advent calendar! I bought the kit many years ago in New Zealand, and made it up when we lived in Seattle when my daughter was little. We have used it every year since, even took it with us on vacations and sabbatical. My girl is 15 now, and still loves it. A design bonus is that the pockets are big enough for a piece of candy or an iTunes card...

mountainwildlife said...

Your mouse is ridiculously cute!! I love it! Some great ideas for general 'felty' toys there as well, not just for Christmas :-)
I made some felties for kids recently, (me trying a new craft!) and couldn't believe how fiddly they were!
Keep it up- you will be finished in time!