Saturday, December 24, 2011

Square Peg - Round Hole

They say that you can't fit a square peg in a round hole...

But I'm going to try!

Or a Square Cushion in a Round Cover, that is...


I have searched high and low for a round cushion - and not been able to find one anywhere!

First I was checking the Op Shops... then moved on to look for a Brand New One.

But still there was nothing in the Craft Stores or the Home Decor Places.

Apparently ROUND cushions are not IN!

So I'm having to improvise a little


I've taken a square cushion, and pinned out the corners... so it sort of rounds out a bit.


Fortunately it doesn't need to be perfect.

And I've made a cover for it...

Still need to attach the Blooming Flower to the cushion cover


In other news, the Creeper Cozy is complete:




1 comment:

imnverted said...

My kids are loving the Creepers you are coming up with. Any day they will be asking for one of their own.

Wonderful ideas!