Monday, November 28, 2011

That BLOOMING Flower Cushion


Can I just say that if you are planning to make this cushion, PLEASE be very careful with your increases!

I was working on my flower during a crochet meet and obviously wasn't paying nearly enough attention to the pattern. Too busy gossiping, or something like that I suppose...

Anyway... I was increasing in the correct rounds... but increasing far too many stitches in each.

There's no excuse for it. In her pattern tutorial, Lucy is VERY clear about the number of increases to make. In fact, she uses red font to highlight the numbers. Oh, and there are stitch counts for the end of each round.

And still I got it wrong!

Annoying part is that I didn't notice until I was up to the sixth colour change. If you look at the photo below, you can see just how wavy the outer round is - that's because of all the extra increases I was making. And of course it was getting worse and worse with every round.


Of course, I had that niggling feeling that the piece wasn't sitting quite right... but I didn't listen to that inner voice early enough.

So NOTHING wrong with the pattern... just needed to focus on it properly...

And now that I'm READING the pattern correctly, it is turning out beautifully!



Erin Kate said...

It looks gorgeous!

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I had similar increase probs also due to chatting when I should have been counting but once I frogged back and did some serious counting - it worked!

Colleen said...

It's beautiful!!