Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Draughty Dog

draughty dog 2

I can't remember if I've talked about the Draughty Dog before...

I discovered him when I was pregnant with Charlotte, and I wasn't very good with my blogging during that time... so perhaps I haven't mentioned him!

In fact I had quite forgotten about him myself.

Until yesterday, when I was looking through all my craft boxes trying to find my iron-on name labels. Master Nine is heading off on his school camp today, and we were trying to get everything labelled for him.

The labels ALWAYS live in my sewing basket, but of course this time they weren't there - so I had to search through ALL of the other craft stuff for them... and still I didn't find them.

But in the process, I found my almost finished Draughty Dog.

Do you ever 'discover' an unfinished object, having forgotten all about it? It's weird, isn't it.. that we would put so much time and effort into something, and then not only NOT FINISH it... but COMPLETELY FORGET that it even exists!


The pattern came from this book I discovered at the local library:

draughty dog 3

And I've been making him in my crazy yarn.

draughty dog 4

He doesn't look like much yet... but I've now stuffed the body (no photos yet) and I can see he is going to be a gorgeous SCRAPPY SAUSAGE DOG.

Stay tuned for more.

And I'm delighted with your response to the HAT or BAG question from yesterday... but it's still not clear - you guys are as confused as me on the issue!


Anonymous said...


Marlene said...

Even though I like both choices, i vote for the hat!!!

Erin Kate said...

Ahh all those scraps are stressing me out! ;) But I can't wait to see the finished pup.

p.s. I vote hat!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute! I wish I knew how to knit. I am only now getting good at crocheting, I don't think I could tackle knitting, too (although I was totally drooling over some knitted sock patterns yesterday). It seems so much harder!