Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Granny Square Jacket In Progress


Well, there's not much progress to show you on the Blooming Flower Cushion. I worked on it for a while last night, but it's at that point where the rounds are taking ages to complete... so you can put in two hours work, and not really see your own progress!

So I thought I'd show you something else instead:


A few months ago I started on this beautiful jacket for Charlotte. When it was almost finished, I tossed it aside and decided that I didn't like it any more...

Then yesterday, I stumbled across it when looking for something entirely unrelated... and wondered WHY I had given up on it in the first place.


Actually, I do know why - there were four reasons

  1. I didn't like my overall colour choices, especially the pink for the ruffles... but looking at it today with fresh eyes, I've decided that there is NOTHING WRONG with the colours at all!
  2. I thought that the ruffled section on the sleeves looked ridiculously long and frilly... but I'm over that, too
  3. I chose to seam the pieces in a contrasting pink, which would stand out against the blue - which I loved the idea of, but wish I had used the brighter pink... I'm gonna cope with it the way it is
  4. I thought the jacket was so huge that it wouldn't fit my little one for at least another year... but I've tried it on her, and that will not be an issue!

 So now I'm actually quite pleased that I didn't frog it!

In fact, I guess I'd better finish it off...

There is a little way to go on the edging, and then it's just a matter of sewing in those pesky ends...

And adding some buttons at the front.



Admin said...

The only thing prettier than the jacket is the baby! What a shame you didn't like it to begin with. It's gorgeous and so is she.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon - Sharon P here... got your note.. sorry we missed you.
Jacket and bubs are divine! Hope to catch you sometime soon.
Take care,

imnverted said...

The jacket looks wonderful on her, love the pose she did for you to show it to us :)

psmflowerlady said...

Oh, and the jacket's cute too.

Rose :: FineCraftGuild.com said...

This jacket is A WINNER! IT'S GORGEOUS, IT'S ORIGINAL, and I want one.

wanna design something else as great and guestpost it (the howto) at our blog, http://www.finecraftguild.com? yes, it's that good....