Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Day - Another New Project.


How cool would it be if I actually FINISHED every project I started???

But that's just not how I roll - is it?

There's something intoxicating about starting a new project. Choosing a pattern and yarn... imagining how it will turn out... and working up those first few stitches is a real buzz.

You don't want to put your work down.

Just one more row... then another, then another...

Well, as you might have guessed - I have started ANOTHER new project!

This one will be for Little Miss Seven for Christmas, so I will HAVE to finish it...

I'm working on the Blooming Flower Cushion from Attic 24.

Have any of you made this yet?

If you haven't visited Lucy over at her Attic yet, then GET OVER THERE NOW!!!

It's full of all things bright and colourful and delicious. So much inspiration, and lots of tutorials too.

Just make sure you come back and see me again when you're done exploring... Or I'll have to send out a search party.


mountainwildlife said...

The flower cushion looks AMAZING doesn't it? Love attic 24, like your blog in some ways, so cheery, colourful and inspiring :-)

psmflowerlady said...

Can't wait to see your take on the Flower Cushion - I'm sure it will be as bright, cheery and filled with love as your work always is and that your daughter will cherish it!

Cavallo said...

Another project. Know what you mean. It does create a buzz. Makes life more. Just finished a long project and onto another

Guanaja Sharon said...

How absolutely, positively wonderful and colorful. Ohh, it makes me want to live in a country where one has access to lovely yarns and lots of colors! Living on an island is nice but lots of draw backs when it comes to crafts. But, I'm going to save that pattern and eventually, when I go back for a visit to the US 0f A I'll get some wild colors and have fun! Thanks for sharing and make sure you post the finished project!