Friday, December 16, 2011

Do Great Minds Really Think Alike?

Or is it that Fools Never Differ?

I was reading through my 'New Book' last night, when I came across a pattern for The Frog Prince...

Fancy That!

A Frog which turns into a Prince...

And this book was published 20 years ago.

Yet two months ago, when I came up with the idea of making a Prince Charming Toy which changed from a Frog into a Prince - I thought it was a totally new idea!

I really did think that I was the Cleverest Bunny in the Woods.

But since then, I have seen several versions of my idea... ALREADY designed...

Oh well, as they say... There's nothing new under the sun.


I especially love the use of ric-rac on the pond.

Ric-Rac. Lurve me some Ric-Rac...

And you'd never guess to look at it - but there is RECYCLING at play here!

The body of the Frog and Prince is a recycled Lemonade Can... How awesome is that?

But wait, there's more...

This Doorstop Cat has a container inside, filled with sand or pebbles to really give it some weight:


The wings on these Christmas Fairies use transparent film from a gift box lid:


This Victorian Lady has a plastic bottle inside her, again filled with sand... to keep her balance on the Dressing Table:


The Victorian Lady above, and the Flying Witch below, both use scraps from pantyhose for their faces:


And these last two characters are made from socks:



Loads of ideas to try out now...

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elbey said...

Hi, 20 years ago isn't that long! Even though recycling wasn't fashionable there were many many people with a social conscience. Do you know about 'Blue Peter'? A UK children's programme who have been making toys,models, decorations etc from empty bottles and 'sticky back plastic' for approx 50 years. Have only recently found your blog, am REALLy impressed, why has no-one previously ever shown me how to wind wool efficiently? Now I know I can't stop......