Thursday, December 15, 2011

Easy To Make Dolls...


I had to take Little Miss Charlotte for her 6 month immunisations today...

Needles are never fun for Little Ones... or Big Ones for that matter!

But since I work in a Medical Clinic, it was a good chance to pop in and see everyone. I'm loving my Maternity Leave... but I do miss socialising with the gang at work - they're all such good value!

And as an added bonus, there is an Op Shop right across the road from work. It's a small country town, and the store is only open limited hours... but our timing was perfect today, and we managed to squeeze in a visit there too.

Now I know that a Proper Mother would take the Little Dot straight home for some serious cuddling after her immunisations... but it was much more fun to do a spot of shopping - and Charlotte didn't mind at all.

Anyway, I stumbled across this book... and decided to bring it home with me.

As I was flipping through it at home, I realised that I have bought an awful lot of books about making softies... AND NEVER STITCHED ONE!!!

I've knitted and crocheted millions of toys - but the machine stitched fabric softy has NOT been attempted.

Which is really ridiculous!

Somewhere deep down inside, I've convinced myself that I CAN'T make them... Don't know why, but when I really sit down and think about it - how hard can it be? You cut your fabric out... stitch the pieces together and stuff them...


(and the book IS called EASY to make dolls)

So I'm inspired to make some, but I'm trying to hold back until all my Christmas gifts are done.

Waiting is not easy for me...

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psmflowerlady said...

Raise 'em up right I say. You can cuddle in off-hours, hit the Op shops during open hours!