Thursday, December 22, 2011

That's A Very Nice Everything You've Got There...


Thanks for your comment yesterday Sam... I was starting to feeling like the only Minecraft Mum... but I can see that your household has been corrupted also!

As you can see, the Creeper is done.

Here He is with his skin on:


The pieces were worked flat in single crochet (US) working through the BACK LOOPS ONLY - which is what gives the ridged effect. All quite simple.

Then the skin was overstitched in place around the foam inserts.

Last of all, a felt face was added:


Resulting in this:


It's killing me, not to be able to embellish this toy any further!

I know that it already looks EXACTLY like it is supposed to... but it just feels TOO - DARN - PLAIN

Anyway, here's a profile shot


And one head on:


And here He is hisssssssssssing


Now - Back to finishing off more gifts


sonietaSun said...

it's fantastic!!!

Jacquie said...

Just boys are into minecraft too. I'm sure they would love one of these :0)
Jacquie x

Sam said...

It's fabulous, as is the creeper cozy and the (non-minecraft) flower cushion!
I bet they all were recieved with huge delight. :-)

Unknown said...

over the sea there is too mothers of minecraft'crazy children... And you konw what? minecraft was my mother day gift!!! So I play a little bit with my son (13 old years).. I will remind the cosy phone bag..
Marie-Odile from Paris France