Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Simple Christmas.

Twig Star

I say it every year - and once again I'm planning for a simple Christmas...

Sometimes it works out that way, sometimes not so much...

But I figure I can at least try!

I made this Twiggy Star as my contribution to the Advent Calendar which Loren is running over in my Ravelry Group this month. The idea is that each participant makes a SIMPLE decoration, using "bits and pieces". Then on their nominated date, they share a before and after photo of their decoration.

I nominated myself to take December 1st. Partly because no one else seemed to be claiming it... and partly because I knew it would push me to jump in and get it done - instead of "umming and ahhhing" about what to make!

And so I made my star. I love its elegant simplicity - and the organic feel of it.

I don't love that it took me 45 minutes to make!

Mostly because I was stuffing around with twigs and string which were both too short!

Twig Star

As you can see, I've used twigs and recycled tea bag strings. Best length for the twigs is 15 cm (6 in) and I found that I needed to tie two strings together first, and then bind the twigs. You need to weave the twigs in an under-over fashion for the star to be stable.

I tell you all of this, not to be BOSSY - but to save you from spending 45 minutes on a 5 minute job!

Twig Star

You might remember that Katie, my eight-year-old daughter is also a member on Ravelry...

And of course she wanted to join in the fun of the advent - so she claimed December 2nd for her decoration.

Here were her starting materials... some cardboard cut into stars, some scrap yarn and a little gem:

Star Decoration

And her finished piece:

Star Decoration

So don't be shy... If an eight-year-old can do it - then SO CAN YOU!

Come and sign up to make a decoration. Or just stalk us to see what everyone else is making.


Twigwoman said...

Like Mother like daughter..... Little Miss has TALENT!!!
Merry This and Happy That and Joy to the World!!!!

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

Love! You both are stars in MY book!