Monday, December 3, 2012


You guessed correctly - this month's design is a SEAHORSE!

Flotsam the Fasinating Seahorse

Meet Flotsam the Fascinating Seahorse...

If you'd like to join in the fun of making your own seahorse - then come on over here to join us in my Ravelry group. We're a very friendly bunch, and love to see new members.

The pattern (untested) is available for free to those participating in the Monthly Challenge. I've had about 20 people already sign up to make him... and one is already finished (you're amazing Julie!)

Or if you prefer to wait for the fully tested version of the pattern, it will be available for sale in January 2013... which SOUNDS like it's a long way off, but is really just around the corner.

Flotsam the Fascinating Seahorse


Joy Belle said...

he's really cute - fiddly, to make, but cute..

jennifurry said...

Are you going to do any more challenges in 2013? I am feeling very disappointed, having only found your blog since January!
I love it all!!! :)