Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ziggy Lace...

Ziggy Scarf

Well, it suddenly dawns on me that I'd better get a few gifts made!

I was fussing about the other day looking for a simple lace crochet scarf pattern - when I remembered about the Ziggy Lace Scarf. I've made a few of these before, and I find the pattern easy to follow and quick to work up... Particularly important - since it's already December.

I'm working it up in a 4ply fingering weight yarn - it's this hand-dyed Moseley Park yarn, from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show:

Bendigo purchases

Just getting started, and I'm thinking about making the scarf a bit wider than the pattern.

Best to make my mind up sooner rather than later!

While I decide, here's the Ziggys I've made in the past:

This one here was made for a swap:


I didn't blog about this other one when I made it. Not sure why not, but here's a few photos now:




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