Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Blocking...

Another Ziggy Lace Scarf

Every Christmas I end up in a last-minute-muddle
and vow that I will be more organized the following year!

And here we are yet again...

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm busy finishing off gifts.

At least it's not the wee small hours of Christmas Day....

It's 5 pm on Christmas Eve - and the final gift is all pinned out and blocking as we speak. This time I'm using an arrangement of polystyrene foam boards, and about a squillion pins...

Hopefully I'll remember to take photos before I wrap it in the morning - but just in case I don't - here's some close ups of the stitch pattern:

Another Ziggy Lace Scarf

And a reminder of how it looked before blocking:

Laceweight Ziggy Scarf

And again after:
(well during really)

Another Ziggy Lace Scarf

It looks like a completely different scarf, doesn't it?

1 comment:

Twigwoman said...

Think you could call this one: Amazing Grace!!!
It's so ethereal and lovely!!
Merry Christmas my Friend!!!