Thursday, December 20, 2012

It Blocked Beautifully...

Ziggy Scarf

How about that?

Ziggy Scarf

The Ziggy Lace Scarf blocked up beautifully - and is now the perfect length - YIPPEE!

Ziggy Scarf

I do need to organize some blocking wires for myself though...

Is it too late to send a letter to Santa?

I fiddled about and used a bunch of straight knitting needles - but it really wasn't ideal...

And just to refresh your memory about how the stitches looked BEFORE blocking:

Ziggy Scarf.

And here they are AFTER:

Ziggy Scarf

Pretty cool, huh?


AngelRoseLite said...

Sometimes blocking seems tedious, but it really is worth the effort. I have a couple of things that I need to block. You've inspired me to just do it already. I love your scarf :)

Neen said...

Wow, blocking made a huge difference. Looks great!

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

Blocking ALWAYS helps! And kudos to you for your creative needle use! I don't have my own wires either, but have never been clever enough to come up with that I will, though! Alernately, I will try to get in to see the fat man in the red suit this week!

Twigwoman said...

I recently bought myself a blocking kit from LionBrand yarn... but before that I a large beach towel and some
T pins...... (the kit includes T pins and some flat flexible squares that fit together in varying ways... they use the same material to make kids floor puzzles - perhaps you already own some of these.
Merry Christmas to you and the other laughing Goldfish Sharon! Love Light and Laughter!

Nicole said...

Wow what a difference it makes, you can really see the pattern much clearer now. It's really lovely :)

Unknown said...

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