Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snail Buddies.




And they're going to be SO hard to give away...

Honestly. I have to stop getting so attached to my creatures.



I ended up ditching the wire in the antennae which I was talking about here.

It just kept poking out in all the wrong places - so I was really unhappy with it.

So I used some glue instead.

How exactly? Well, I just wet my fingers... Put a dot of PVA glue on my fingertip... Then worked it into the stem of the antennae... Positioned it the way I wanted, then left it to dry overnight...


Oh and I added some texta. The spiral shape of the shell wasn't as pronounced as I wanted it to be, so I used a medium tip black Sharpie pen to draw it in a bit. Just go lightly if you're trying this. You can always go darker if you need to.

Just a reminder that the pattern is HERE if you are interested.

Or if you're a Ravelry member, check out all the cute and coulourful snails which have been made HERE.



AngelRoseLite said...

They are gorgeous! It was genius of you to strand the cotton thread. You should make a set for yourself now. What creativity!

Joy Belle said...

They're SOOOOO cute. Best kind of snails to have

jane said...

You are so very talented!
Thank you for sharing!

Nicole said...


I LOVE them!!! Who'd have thought snails could be so cute?! Those little eyes are brilliant, I want to make some to hide in the garden hehehe x

Merry Christmas! x