Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Wolf Skin Blanket...

Red's Revenge

Have you ever attempted to make something - and found that the end product didn't look at all like the picture you had in your head? I hope so, because it happens to me all the time!

It's not necessarily a bad thing actually. I mean you're the only one who knows how it was SUPPOSED to look... so no one else will be any the wiser.

Unless you tell them.

Red's Revenge

And I'm kind of confessing to you right now, that this one didn't come out as planned!

But I fell in love with him anyway.

In my mind, he looked more like a wolf (and less like a fox). Maybe a little fiercer. With a shorter, wider snout, I think...

But here's the thing:


He's cuddly and snuggly, and I love the simplicity of the garter stitch.

I especially love the fuzzy bits inside the ears...

He may not be the fierce wolf I was aiming for - but what child wants to snuggle something fierce?

Red's Revenge 

Now, I've written the pattern for this blanket - and it's been fully tested.

So if you'd love to make your own wolf (or change the colours and make him a fox) then head on over here for all the pattern details, and the link to purchase the pattern.

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