Friday, November 8, 2013

Onarum Wrap

Onarum Wrap

So you might remember that I run a Monthly Challenge over in my Ravelry Group. Each month I release a new pattern for the group to work on together. The pattern is FREE for that month only, and then the fully tested version is available for sale after that.

Onarum Wrap

It works well for me, because I get lots of you testing my patterns for me. It means that the kinks are all ironed out before the pattern goes on sale. It also means that there are lots of completed projects up on Ravelry for everyone to be inspired by. Maybe people don't like the yarn I've used in the sample - well, they can peruse all the other projects to see how the pattern works in different yarns - the ones that you guys have used...

It works well for you guys, because you get a FREE pattern. Plus, it's always fun to work at the pattern at the same time as a bunch of others. You can encourage one another and bounce ideas around. You'll be inspired by what everyone else is working up, and receive wonderful feedback too.

Onarum Wrap

The really cool part is that I choose my favourite finished item each month... and if you're the "winner" then you suggest what I should design for the next challenge. How FABULOUS is that? You tell me what to create!

This month I was asked to design a wrap using only one skein of yarn... I've used Murano from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and those long stretches of colour have really worked up a treat. Best of all, it only uses one ball of yarn - so there's hardly any ends to weave in when you're finishing off! Gotta love that...

Onarum Wrap

If you like what you see here, and want to join in the Crochet Challenge this month - come on over to my Ravelry Group for more details.

It doesn't take long to make either... I emailed some patterns out earlier today, and one lady has ALREADY posted photos of her finished project. Juanita - you are a STAR!

And if you wouldn't wear a wrap, it works well as a scarf instead...

Maybe you know someone who'd love one for Christmas?

Onarum Wrap

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Alyssa said...

Oh, it's so pretty! Congrats on your pattern release :)

I like the monthly challenge idea - I may have to steal that from you in the future.