Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Calypso the Kooky Owl - FREE CROCHET TOY PATTERN

Calypso the Kooky Owl

You might recall that a few months back, I went nuts for owls...

I made SO many of the critters, that I figured I might as well write up a pattern for them.

That way you can all become as addicted to them too. I'm nothing if not an enabler.

And they really are superbly simple. There's minimal shaping involved and they're worked using a large hook.

I've written the pattern for four different sizes, so you can make up the whole family!
  • Mini – 10 cm (4 in) tall
  • Small – 14 cm (5 ½ in) tall
  • Medium – 18 cm (7 in) tall
  • Large – 22 cm (8 ¾ in) tall

So how about it? Want to give it a go?

Click the link below, and get hooking...

download now

Calypso the Kooky Owl

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oopsudroppedthis said...

Awesome!!!! Thanks for the pattern. I have loved these from the start. They are soooo cute!