Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's ME... Honest it is!



So I know that it's been a long time since my last post. Like a super-duper-incredibly-crazy long time...

But here I am. Finally ready to blog again - and Google won't let me in to my account!

Usually I just scoot on in from my laptop here, and I am REMEMBERED.

But not this time. This time there were passwords to be recall and verification codes to be confirmed and reconfirmed. There were even texts to my mobile - which in itself was a right nuisance, since my signal here at home is more than slightly crap...

But never mind. I am here now, and hoping that if Google remembers me - then maybe you will too!

So what has been keeping me from you?

I'd love to be able to tell you that I've been "head down, bum up" slaving away at a series of soon-to-be published craft books for you to be inspired by... but it's just not true - YET!

Want to know what I have been doing?


Just stuff.

Nothing big, or bold or interesting.

Just everyday, run-of-the-mill STUFF.

There's been painting and gardening, cooking and cleaning, and all manner of mothering duties! Raising a toddler and a teenager at the same time - with a couple of in-betweeners... There's never a dull moment, and just when you think you've got a moment to yourself? Bazinga!

But I promise I'll be back tomorrow.


Sandra said...

Welcome back Sharon.

Twigwoman said...

Had I not downloaded Apple's update OS X Mavericks I truly would have missed you but there seems a glitch with the new system and using a Google based email account... OK never mind I'm able now to check mail but only by using the Gmail internet site... a royal pain and the new system n longer recognizes the RSS fees I used to get my blogs via.....
Good to know you are well albeit a very busy Mum...
I know the drill as my youngest is 23 and the granddaughter I'm raising turned 10 this summer.
GOOD TIMES!!!!! xox

Kathy said...

Welcome back. You and your inspirations have been missed!