Monday, November 25, 2013



Look at how much my Little Angel has grown up!

She's nearing two and a half years old now - and please don't ask me where the time has gone to, because I honestly don't know.


Little Miss Charlie is mad about cats. Stark raving mad about them. Can't get enough of them. Unless one moves toward her - and then she's terrified...

She loves to imitate a cat, too. Will crawl around on the floor meowing loudly. Tries to lick herself clean.

I have to keep the cat food well away from her. She loves to eat it! All my kids have had a fondness for eating cat food. The dry biscuits, that is - not the tinned fishy stuff...


One day last week, she ate her breakfast naked... from a bowl on the ground outside... meowing just like a cat.

I can picture her in therapy in about 30 years time, explaining to her counselor that her mother forced her to eat outside like an animal!

Oh well.

The other kids are sure to be in therapy anyway - so why should she miss out?


As for these little cats...

Well - I got tired of making owls.

(Shocking but true)

But I had a bunch of bodies already hooked up. So I've added some quick ears and a curlicue tail. Made the eyes a little different, and added a nose with whiskers instead...



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Twigwoman said...

Mine surely will be in therapy and do a Mommy Dearest chapter or two about me as well!!!!!