Friday, November 29, 2013

More Unicorns.


These unicorns are fiddly but fun to make...


I thought that my sewing technique might improve with each one, and the process would become less awkward - but it hasn't yet...

Maybe I need to be more patient.


One thing I am noticing, is that these fabric toys don't seem to develop a personality of their own in the same way that the knitted and crochet ones do...

Not sure why that is.

It might just be because I'm concentrating so hard on getting it all put together just right, that I'm not allowing the toy to take on a life of it's own.

Or maybe I'm just over thinking things... Sometimes I do that!


And here they are as a family:



Deb M said...

they are gorgeous, how do you get the horns to stay so straight though, Deb M

Gywnna said...

Your unicorns are so pretty. A great use of upholstery fabric scraps. They will acquire their personalities when they find someone to love them.