Sunday, October 12, 2008

finishing mum's work #1

close up

About six months ago, Mum stumbled across a pattern for a lovely simple lace scarf in a magazine she was flipping through. She was inspired to make one, which was a great surprise to me... since it had been at least twenty years since she had done any kind of knitting.

So she borrowed some needles from me, and we went shopping for the yarn together.

It took her a little while to pick up the lace pattern... there was quite a bit of frogging in the beginning! But she was a very determined woman, and she got there in the end. The scarf looked magnificent, and she gave it to a close friend for her birthday.

By then, Mum was addicted to the lace pattern. She went shopping for more yarn, and bought enough to make two more scarves... this time for herself!

I found them in her craft bag the other day. They were so very nearly finished. In fact, the knitting was completed and the ends were woven in. She had purchased an assortment of beads for the trimmings, and all that remained to be done was to sew them on.

So today I have completed the first one. I will give it to my sister, so that she has a precious handcrafted memory of Mum. Whenever she wears it around her neck... it will feel like a yummy warm alpaca hug!

If you are interested in making a similar scarf... take a look at this stitch pattern



sue said...

What a beautiful scarf. The beads do add that perfect touch too. No wonder your mum was so enthusiastic about knitting them. What a lovely idea to gift it to your sister too. It must be so hard on some days for you without your mum around.

Oh2122 said...

It actually looks like a hug.

It's lovely.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

That is so very sweet... I'm sure your sis will cherish it!

Julie Andrea said...

Oh stop, you are making me cry again. My dad passed away in December, on my bday, the 11th. Mum just sold the house, my childhood home. We tried to get everything out that we could, but ran out of time before the closing date.

Today we went back for the first time since it was sold to get the rest of their things, the new owner had reassured us that it was okay, he understood, 50 years in the same home, etc.

Unfortunately, he decided to unpack some of our packed boxes that had been left behind and claim some of the things for himself, including a couple of bedspreads and my mum's silverware in a wooden chest. Luckily, I saw it and asked him about it, he said it was his. I opened it up and said .. look mum, your silver. ... at this point Julie rolls her eyes ..

Anyway, I went down in to the basement and found some partially done woodworking projects of my dad's - inlaid wood / marquetry. Mum has three pictures and a box that he made and I am hoping to figure out how to finish off the unfinished project and give it to mum.

It's when we find these kinda things that we realize what is important and what is just ... stuff.

Hugs ... Julie Andrea

misha said...

The scarf is beautiful in its own right but I think it is the story behind it that makes it priceless.

laughing purple goldfish said...

sue - thanks... I haven't used beads on a scarf before, but they do add a nice elegance, and give the scarf a lovely weight... I'll certainly use them in another project

oh2122 - it's super snuggly, too!

martha - I know she will - which makes it a joy to give :)

julie - thank you so much for sharing your story... you are exactly right when you talk about discovering what is truly important to you... and I honestly hope you are able to finish your dad's work... what a wonderful gift that would be...

misha - I agree... the scarf itself is gorgeous, but the history makes it priceless!

Sam said...

It's a beautiful scarf and a beautiful idea. Your sister will treasure it.

Stramenda said...

The scarf is really beautiful and really special. I am so touched by this. Thank you for posting it so we could all share this with you :-)

Cristi said...

That so beautiful. The story and the scarf. Thank you for sharing it with us. x

Karen said...

I imagine the second scarf is for you - what a special 'gift' your Mum has given her daughters.

Habitata said...

Thanks for sharing so much fantastic knitting and emotions with us, the readers of your blog. I think your blog must be the best knitting blog I have visited. You sort of acts like an internet mum, who pass on tradition, techniques and patterns in such a sharming way. Thanks. Now, I just have to sit down and figure out how to improve my own blog! I will continue to come back to your blog!

laughing purple goldfish said...

sam - it really is a treasure to have something handmade by mum

stramenda - thank you :)

cristi - you're welcome

karen - I thought about keeping the second scarf for myself, but decided to pass it on to my brother's wife... she doesn't have anything made by mum (except my brother, of course! lol) and I know she will treasure it forever

habitata - thanks for stopping by my blog... I love that you are enjoying it, and learning from it... I just want to share the craft love around :)

Delfina said...

La bufanda es hermosa y tu blog tambien, no entiendo mucho ingles, podrias decirme donde esta el patron para tejer esa bufanda? Muchas gracias

laughing purple goldfish said...

delfina - thanks... I think you are asking about the pattern? here is an example of the stitch pattern, you can make your own scarf as wide and as long as you like :)