Tuesday, October 14, 2008

finishing mum's work #3


Mum was making this throw rug for herself to use on cool evenings, as she sat by the fire. Actually, she was more likely to be found lying by the fire. Stretched out across the floor, just like a cat... which I always found to be a little bit ironic, since she was really not a fan of felines.

Colour choices were always a big deal to Mum. Things had to match in just the right way. So when we went shopping for the yarn, she took along a cushion from the lounge room - so that the colours could be matched perfectly!

Of course, she chose alpaca. Light weight, yet incredibly warm...


The blanket is a patchwork style with very simple garter stitch squares. Mum had finished knitting all of the squares and most of them had been sewn together. There was just one row left for me to attach. I also added a crochet border around the outside, which needed a little bit of stability as the squares were a tad stretchy.

So here it is, all finished.

I have passed it on to Dad, and it now has pride of place in the lounge room it was intended for. And I know that on the cooler evenings, he will be able to snuggle under it and think of Mum.



annemarie said...

How wonderful that you are finishing your mom's projects. These items will hold such special memories for you. I know where you got all your talent from!!

Anonymous said...

It looks so snuggly. I love the colours. I'm sure your father will cherish it.

Sam said...

These projects are all so special.

laughing purple goldfish said...

annemarie - thanks... I feel like in some small way I am helping those closest to her to remember her

jacqui - it feels amazing!

sam - thank you :)

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

There can be no wondering where you get your craftiness from. Those colors are wonderful and the workmanship is amazing.

I am so glad you have these projects and the skill to complete them. It is truly a lasting testament.

Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and it's such fun to read and enjoy all your projects. However, these latest have really touched me. Everyone should take a lesson from you and find ways to create lasting memories of those we love, whether they are still with us or not. My mom lives up north for the summer but returns to FL for the winter. She'll be here in a few weeks and I am determined to start creating more memories with her. She's a knitter, too, which makes it even better. You've inspired me! Thank you!

KAF said...

Hi fishy,

How beautifully you use your time.

As well as the craft projects you've finished here, your blog posts are also precious gifts, like everything you write.

How fitting that these beautiful looking projects you've finished off, should also be things to wrap around and warm the people you love. How blessed they are to have you.


Lauria said...

This is so beautiful! Your mother definitely did a great job at picking the perfect colors.

I think that what you're doing is so touching and sweet and I really like the idea of finishing someone's work. Like everyone has a mission, a project to complete and one should try to continue on in that spirit. But here, it's literal and it feels satisfying. Even from all the way over here on the other side of the internet!

laughing purple goldfish said...

oh2122 - thanks... it has been a pleasure, and an honour to be able to finish her work

leslie - what a wonderful plan... you can enjoy one another's company now, and create memories for the future... I love it... hugs

kaf - sweetie - thank you so much for stopping by... I agree that it is so fitting that these gifts are perfect for wrapping around you, just like a warm hug from mum :)

lauria - you're right... there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in finishing these pieces... mind you, it also makes me think of all the unfinished projects I would be leaving behind if the unthinkable was to happen to me... now there's a BIG job for someone!!!

Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

I know your Dad will treasure it. Just don't let him wash it.

laughing purple goldfish said...

aarghhhh.... THANK YOU!!!! I hadn't even thought of that... I'll make sure I tell him to bring it to me when it needs washing!