Friday, May 17, 2013

And a Dresser Stool...

Revamping the old dresser stool

Remember Astro Boy?

Cute enough... but not the RIGHT kind of cutie for Little Miss Katie's new bedroom.

But look beyond the cartoon to the stool underneath...

Revamping the old dresser stool

Can't you just picture it with a full-on crazy fluffy white cover instead?

I certainly could!

The stool itself came from one of my Wonderful Work Buddies. Not that I actually work there anymore, but I still think of them as My Girls. And I'm sure I'll go back again, ONE DAY!

Jo-Jo had been having a clean out at her place - and she just KNEW that Little Miss Katie would love a Girly Stool. She also knew that I would be up for the challenge of revamping it.

I thought that it might have been a bit tricky, but then I flipped it over and saw that the previous cover had been attached with STICKY TAPE... and I figured I would manage just fine...

Revamping the old dresser 

So I armed myself with a Powerful Staple Gun and some Fabulously Fluffy Fabric.

Revamping the old dresser stool

Did I mention that the Fabulously Fluffy Fabric makes a Freakingly Huge Mess?

Revamping the old dresser stool

That's the leg of my pants in the photo. I should have worn a different colour...

Revamping the old dresser stool

It was an incredibly quick process once I got started.

A simple matter of covering the base, and then covering the cushion.

Revamping the old dresser stool

Job done!

And I'm sure the clean up took longer than the project itself...

Revamped Stool

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gillp said...

That looks fantastic! well done :)