Friday, May 24, 2013

I hate this monkey!


Did you ever have a project which you hated working on? 

Hated with absolute passion?

I did!


Don't let this monkey fool you by how adorable he looks...

I know he seems so innocent and unassuming - but that is not the case at all...

This monkey has been doing my head in. Actually, I shouldn't really blame the monkey. Mostly it was the pattern. It was one of those nightmare ones - you know the type. Where every piece is worked as awkwardly and as untidily as possible. And you kind of hope that it will all make sense when it comes to the assembly. But then those instructions make no sense whatsoever? And there was no clear photo to work with either.

So I ended up making it up. I kind of know what a monkey should look like, so I ditched the instructions and did my own thing.


Honestly, if I was making it for myself...

Well - I just wouldn't!

If it was for me, I would have got five minutes into it and then tossed it aside and started something different. Unfortunately, I was given the pattern to make it up for someone else - so I had to persevere with it. 



I wish I could say I did it without cursing... But I'm not that tough!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who had endured the project from Hell, and lived to tell the tale.


Paula said...

Despite the headaches he cause, he is an adorable monkey. Love the curly tail!

I've had a few patterns that made sense - until it was time to assemble all the pieces and the instructions were too vague to follow. "Attach sleeves. Sew side seams. Attach collar." Sure, but HOW?

The worst was homemade drapes. I used a pleating tape with instructions that made no sense. Never again.

Gywnna said...

You are not alone. There have been many patterns which had the unhappy result of producing some rather "unladylike" language hereabouts. Good for you for sticking with it.

Headaches aside, it is a cute monkey and I hope the person you made it for appreciates your hard work.

Sheila said...

sooooo cute! Nice save!

Joy Belle said...

I too have made that same monkey - you're right. The instructions are very basic..

Amanda said...

One of the best knit animals I have seen - good on you for working through the pattern! You did an amazing job!