Friday, May 31, 2013

Easily Amused...


I'll admit it... I'm easily amused.

Sometimes it's the smallest and simplest thing that makes me laugh...

For example:

One of my Ravelry friends has the username "seaburke".

We've met up at quite a number of crochet meets over the years, so I also know her by her first name... Catherine.

Last week, I discovered that her last name is Burke.

And all of a sudden the penny dropped!

"Seaburke" is "C. Burke"

(Which had apparently dawned on everyone else in the group YONKS ago, but not me)

And I'm still giggling about it now...


Much the same as when I discovered that "mareeknowscraft" did not just choose that name because she is Maree and she Knows Craft... but it is a play on the word Merino, as in the exquisite breed of sheep with glorious wool!


My latest source of amusement is also yarn related.

I spotted this Esther yarn at Lincraft the other day, and was having a little ponder about what a pretty name it was, and wondering how yarn companies choose the names for their yarn.

And when I turned the label around, I saw that it was 100% Polyester!!!

Esther is 100% Polyester!

So - YES - if you spotted a mad woman giggling uncontrollably in the yarn section of Lincraft on Monday afternoon, it was most certainly me.

I did warn you that I was easily amused.


1 comment:

Loren said...

You've been letting those polyesther fumes go to your head, my friend!

I find the notation on the yarn label "100 gram ball at standard condition" to be rather amusing! Whaaaa?