Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yes... And I don't know.


I am still collecting tea bag strings.

Tea Bag Strings


What I will make with them yet!

Tea Bag Strings

My ball now weighs 76 g.

 I've been feeling like it just doesn't seem to grow. No matter how many strings I add to it, that ball just seems to remain the same size...

But then I looked back at my last blog post about it.

And guess what?


Last time it was only 22g...

And I still have another 67 g of untied strings.

So the madness continues.

Tea Bag Strings


Twigwoman said...

Shall I save and send along what I collect to shorten the journey to weights summing or are You a purist on this one and collecting your own?
Now THIS is an adventure I Am excited to venture onto!

Lady B said...

I hope you are saving the tea bags also, to put in the garden compost

Nicole said...

You know what ever you come up with this is going to be a fantastic project! Mo one will believe you when you say it's tea bag strings :D

Neen said...

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this one .... even of it takes a while :)