Sunday, May 12, 2013

Early Entries...


Have you signed up for the May Challenge yet?

The one where you get to make a felted bag, and then embellish it any way you fancy?

Want to check out the competition so far? We've had three completed entries already.

And they're all deliciously different.

Take a little look:

Juanita has incorporated the eyes into her bag - but it looks nothing like mine!

She's really glammed it up with thick eyelashes and luscious lips...

I know there's a couple of Little Girls in this house who would go nuts for a bag like this.

Entries for the May 2013 Challenge

Patricia has made two bags already - what a Speedy Gonzales!

I love the dusty pink and burgundy combination. I had forgotten how nicely they work together...

And how nicely stripes blend into one another when felted.

Entries for the May 2013 Challenge

Janie has gone all out with the artistic talent on this one...

Such a Clever Chook!

She has used her needle felting skills to work up a farm scene, complete with clouds, flowers, sheep and a pond. She's even looking for the perfect duck buttons, so they can "swim" in the pond...

Entries for the May 2013 Challenge

Aren't they all Deliciously Different?

And all based on the same pattern...

Which is your favourite so far? And how would you embellish your own bag?

Remember, the untested pattern is available for FREE until the end of May 2013.

If you want to join in, come and see us here on Ravelry or email me directly.


Helen said...

those bags are all just so yummy! I would be happy to have any of them on my shoulder or in my hand :)

I've just requested the pattern - have finished all my yarnie WIPs (apart from the learning to spin) so need something to work on.

AuntieElle said...

Such nice bags. That farm scene one is truly amazing.