Thursday, May 16, 2013

And Now For The Curtains


Of course the room needed new curtains, right?

And of course I wanted to UPCYCLE something in the process, right?

New curtains from old sheets

These double bed sheets were perfect for the job!

I love their "Vintagey Vibe". They feel just like the kind of sheets that I would have had on my bed when I was eight years old - and Little Miss Katie loves them too. In fact, they came with a couple of pillow cases... so we've already snaffled them for our beds.

Each sheet had a couple of small holes - but they were right near the edge, so I was able to just trim a length off without causing any problems.Which was quite a relief, since I hadn't noticed them until I started ironing...

Man there was a lot of IRONING!!!

New curtains from old sheets

I'm not much of a Sewing Legend, but I did want to line the curtains... 

So I used this tutorial here for the basics and then stitched header tape to the top to gather the curtains...

Curtains from Old Sheets 

For the lining, I recycled an old doona cover.

(Now for all of my non-Aussie readers - that would be a duvet cover or a quilt cover!)

I hadn't realised until I came to use it, that the top and bottom of the cover were two different prints. Mind you, they were exactly the same colour - so I just went ahead and used them anyway. But it does mean that there is a slight difference between each one...

Take a peek at the left curtain:

Curtains from Old Sheets

And now the right curtain:

Curtains from Old Sheets

See what I mean?

Different. But not different enough to worry about. 

New curtains from old sheets

So now the curtain are done, and the room is coming together nicely...

You can't see from the photos, but three of the walls are painted white and one is lilac - the same colour as the mirror. So the Vintagey Vibe curtains work beautifully!

We even found a place for the Blooming Flower Cushion I made a year or so back:

Transformation is almost complete

PS. The Girl was away on camp when I took this photo, which explains why the floral pillowcase is missing from the bed - and also why the room is actually CLEAN!!!


Sue said...

The curtains turned out great. I love her doona cover too, what very pretty butterflies. I wish my daughter's room was that clean for most of the week!

Lynette said...

Looks great, all the elements look great together without being matchy matchy.

gaia said...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous girlie room!