Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Branching Out

Drawers to Upcycle

I'm trying to branch out a little.

I love recycling yarn, and always will - but there are so many other ares where we can UPCYCLE.

During my blog absence, I revamped Little Miss Katie's bedroom with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling.

My timing is not always smart with these things. For starters, Mr Goldfish was away. He's a Scout Leader - and he was interstate for a fortnight at the Australian Jamboree. So I was home on my own with all the kids. That's three school aged kids - all on holidays and expecting to be entertained... PLUS a toddler! Oh. And we were in the middle of a heat wave. The kind of heat where your paint starts drying on your brush between dipping it in the tray, and painting it on the wall.

But when you're in the zone - you're IN THE ZONE.

So you push through the barriers and just do what you have to do.

(If only I could do that in all the other areas of my life. But that's a story for another day.)


I wanted to add a chest of drawers for the bedside.

So of course I went Op Shopping to see what Second Hand Delight I could discover.

To be honest, there wasn't a lot on offer...

But when I saw this fully functioning chest of drawers for $1 - I could hardly say NO.

Drawers to Upcycle


I know.

There's a handle missing.

And the top is kind of gungy and covered in ickyness.

Plus a dinosaur, courtesy of The Toddler.

Drawers to Upcycle

But I figured we could get around all that...

So I set the kids to work with some sandpaper and a drawer each.

Well - they were asking to be entertained, weren't they?

And The Toddler just kind of supervised... In between juice breaks.

Drawers to Upcycle

The dinosaur was useless, but kind of majestic looking.

Drawers to Upcycle


With a bit of scrubbing and a light sand, followed by a couple of coats of paint and some fresh handles... We have a winner!

Chest of Drawers

Not bad for a $1 chest of drawers, hey?

That mirror was a makeover job too - but I forgot to take photos.

And how gorgeous is that Rag Doll?

Gorgeous Rag Doll

She was made by a dear friend of mine, the Incredibly Artistic Anna.

You can check out more of Anna's work on her Facebook page - Swallowtail.

Gorgeous Rag Doll


Kyliie Kaye said...

Gorgeous! I am so glad you are blogging again! I missed reading about your crafting adventures :)

Helen said...

that makeover is inspiring :) Good work!

Gywnna said...

What a transformation! A lovely room for your young lady.

Nicole said...

What an improvement :) Looks like a brand new piece of furniture!

Good upcycling :)

Dawn said...

Awe beautiful revamped piece! :) Nice job lady! For a buck you can"t go wrong :)

Anonymous said...

Wow great job!!

Stra xx

Twigwoman said...

Sheer perfection!!!! I just found a piece at curbside coming home from a friend's..... its going to need very little work... likely only a good cleaning and some Danish oil!!! I love saving things from going into the landfill!!!! Lucky Girl to have such sweet things at Bedside!!!!

Saphire said...

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