Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rupert the 20 Pound Cat

Rupert the 20 Pound Cat

So during my unplanned blogging break, I was still running those Monthly Challenges over in my Ravelry Group. January's was a knitting challenge, and the request was for me to design a giant 20 pound cat. Something I would never have dreamed of doing on my own... which is why I find these challenges so much fun!

Here he is with Little Miss Charlotte:

Rupert the 20 pound cat!

He's so huge... and so cuddly... the kiddies LOVE him!

Rupert the 20 pound cat!

I've left the ends of his whiskers free, so that their position can be changed on a whim...

And here he is with the boy who likes to be called Thunder Lizard:

Rupert the 20 pound cat!

Which just goes to prove that you're never too old for a cuddle toy!

Rupert the 20 pound cat! 

 And of course I have to show you the winning entry from the challenge:

Rupert the Cat

How brilliant is that!

I'm mesmerised by his eyes...

DawnKimMarch was a very deserving winner.

Rupert the 20 pound cat

Now that my pattern has been fully tested, it is available for sale as a PDF for AU$4.50

And if you're wishing for a crochet version - my testers are working on the pattern right now!


dollykids said...

wow, what a lot of cat and wool. lol his gorgeous.

nana fafo said...

hi ! i like your creations ; it's a pleasure to look at all these small marvels.