Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Challenge

Embellish Me! bag

Ready for a new challenge?

This month we're working on a Felted Crochet Bag...

I give you the instructions for making the bag - and then it's up to you to decorate it any way you fancy!

You could add a crochet trim and maybe some embroidery...

How about some beads and buttons?

Anyone own a BeDazzler? I always wanted one of them... Imagine the bling you could add!

Maybe you're a whizz at needle felting? Or you just want to give it a go?

This is your chance to play around and see where your imagination takes you...

So how about it?

Are you interested?

Email me for the pattern... or join us here on Ravelry.

Embellish Me! Felted Bag

This is the sketch given to me by Esther... the winner of our February Challenge.

She asked me to design a bag with a face... and hoped for a couple of different facial options..

But where is the face, you ask?

Here it is...

Embellish Me! bag

And here:

Embellish Me! bag

And here: 

Embellish Me! bag

And here:

Embellish Me! bag

The pattern includes instructions for making these faces...

Or you can jumble them up to create your own expressions...

Or ignore them completely - and let your own creativity run wild!

The challenge will run until the end of May 2013, and during this time the untested pattern is available for FREE.

Don't miss out.

As for me - I'm still thinking about how to decorate my bag...

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