Friday, May 25, 2012

Out of Hibernation

Freeform Cushion

So I pulled this Freeform Cushion out of hibernation about two weeks ago... and was working on it at the last Crochet Meet at my place.

My plan was to have it finished and sitting casually on the armchair when The Gang rocked up for our Next Meet...

Freeform Cushion

That gave me a fortnight to work at it - which seemed like PLENTY of time...

Only I got distracted by other projects, and I haven't done a thing with it at all!

You can still see the original cushion cover peeking through in places - plus there needs to be some more embellishing to soften some of the edges between pieces.

So I'm giving myself a deadline.

I want it finished by Wednesday.

When The Gang arrive - there will be a new cushion on my armchair!

I started it when I was pregnant with Charlotte, and I'm sick of it lingering around unfinished...

(oh, and next time I start a Freeform Cushion, please remind me to only Freeform ONE SIDE of the cover, and add a plain back)

Freeform Cushion

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