Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sugar Plum Tassels

Sugar Plum Tassels


Sugar Plum Tassels

I've made a bunch of fairly crazy hats lately, but this one... I LOVE!!!

Sugar Plum Tassels

Mostly it's the colours - the mixed purples with a bit of grey - they work beautifully together...

And purple IS my favourite colour!

Sugar Plum Tassels

But best of all, I love the tassels.

You probably recognise the yarn. It's that snowball stuff. It's been all over the shops here for a couple of years now.

People seem to buy it, but then not know what to do with it. Then when they de-stash, they give it to me! I can't imagine actually using it for an entire garment, but it's quite fun to use for little embellishments like this.

Sugar Plum Tassels


Neen said...

I have to agree with you ... this hat is great!! The colours work well together. Is it destined for The Alice too?

I love seeing your hats displayed on the mannequin :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

Hey Jonnine...

Yep. This one is earmarked for The Alice - just not sure if I can actually send it away though...

Anonymous said...

Love the hat
it seems to speak to you:
Keep iT send a replacement
The mannequin re-duex was spot on! So much more than just black velvet!