Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Winner Announced

Congratulations to Dawn for her winning Quirky Koala.

koala - by Dawn

Now I have to be completely upfront here, and let you know that Dawn is in fact a very dear Real Life friend of mine. We met several years ago through Ravelry and have since become wonderful friends.

I almost didn't choose Dawn (or Dawnie-Pants, as we like to call her around here) as the winner... because of our friendship. I didn't want to appear to be 'playing favourites'. But that hardly seemed fair! Because I really REALLY loved her version of True Blue the Quirky Koala. She deserves to win... and shouldn't be disadvantaged for being a friend!

Choosing a winner is always tricky... but here are my favourite characteristics of this toy:

  • the realistic colours - my personal style is to steer away from the expected colourways, but I loved seeing the Koala worked in true colours (complete with a couple of gum leaves)
  • those ears - Dawn has actually brushed those ears with a wire brush to create a fluffy effect - how clever is that???
  • the green eyes are so striking
  • and I'm loving the extra effort Dawn has put into the photography - it finishes her entry off beautifully!
He is such a wonderful interpretation of my original pattern.

So, as the winner.... Dawn will now tell ME what to design for the next Crochet Challenge, which will begin in June 2012.

Stay tuned, and I will let you know what she chooses! 


Unknown said...

Well done Dawnie!
Definitely a deserving winner.

Sue said...

Congrats to Dawn. I met her at the same time as you when we had a meetup for ravely at Mumbo Jumbo and she was such a sweetie. I am so happy to see that her love of crochet has grown so much. The koala is super cute!

laughing purple goldfish said...

Tilly - I agree! Dawnie is a clever chook

Sue - Would love to catch up again sometime. Are you available during the week? We have a crochet meet here at my place in Sunbury - held fortnightly on a weds 10am-3pm... You'd be VERY welcome to join us :)