Monday, May 7, 2012



I did it!

Charlotte's hat is fixed, as promised.

If you missed my post on Friday - you can take a look here at how small her hat had become - it wasn't even long enough to cover her ears.

(which kind of defeats the purpose of a winter hat, I think)


Anyway, I removed the edging and then added a few more rounds to lengthen the hat... plus a little flower to finish it off.

The whole process took me about an hour - although half that time was just me fluffing around trying to make a decision - so it was probably only about 30 minutes of actual work.

Better than giving the hat away...

And I actually like it more than the original.



Twigwoman said...

Totally better this way I agree!!!!
Boy she is getting big fast!!!!
Love the fower its the perfect anding to this piece<3

Katherine said...

I also like this one more than the original, it's very cute (and so is she!).

Marlene said...

It's absolutely adorable as is your daughter. Too cute!