Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Exactly is a Cabochon?


Have you ever heard of a 'cabochon' before?

Not me. I would have had no idea whatsoever...

But that didn't stop me volunteering to join in this Cabochon Crochet-Along over at Ravelry

So, a cabochon is an oval shaped polished gemstone. In the Crochet-Along, we are using a photo or a card as the basis of the cabochon... cutting it into an oval shape, and then working some beaded crochet to encase and embellish it.

It sounds a little odd, and it's not a technique that I have ever seen used before - but I think that's probably why it appeals to me.

Because I do like things a little odd...

The first step was to choose a photo and cut it into the desired shape. I've chosen one of Mum taken at my wedding, almost 13 years ago... 

I've chosen my beads...

And started on the crochet.

I don't exactly know where this is going, or what on earth I will do with the finished piece... but for now I'm just enjoying the process!



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Rosalind said...

How is the picture staying put?